An Offering For April – a Haiku Series

Personal commentary of this series can be found on my blog.

Haiku : In this form of traditional Japanese poetry, one is challenged to create something vivid or poignant with only 17 syllables. I chose 5 – 7 – 5 as my pattern. This structure challenged me to think differently every morning before or after meditation. I chose to not give much forethought or afterthought into these poems, as I had planned to burn them in a cathartic Gertrude Stein inspired way of letting go of my stream of consciousness.

This series of poems can be considered prose poetry, but I’d like to think the imagery (as supported by the video) evokes some varying interpretations on a sub-conscious level.

Imagery (“visually descriptive or figurative language,”) : It is perhaps unusual for a writer to not only compose music to color their spoken word performance. My dream is for all forms of art to work together for the greater good. Emotional contextualization is an important aspect of any writing for me. That is, imagery offers a sense of the personal tropes, or dramatic recurring themes, found in one’s experience of life.

Meter : (unit of rhythm in poetry) 5-7-5 may seem like an odd (haha) thing to read aloud for 3 minutes, but I challenged this by composing some sounds in musical meter of 12 8, which in musical terms is one of the more odd time signatures. Within it, one could find a waltz, or a promenade. I chose both, and juggled instances where I even use breath as a way of adding up to the full counts of triplet beats found in the poeticle’s measure. This was excellent as each haiku is a literary triplet itself; having three lines.

Sound : To further develop a sense of time, I included the sound of clinging on glass whenever the time signature begins at ONE again, and the sound of flipping pages when a new starting to read a new “page,” or sticky note.

Over all this project was a great way to get my feet wet. Thank you for reading! Much warmth to you!


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