Earthen Manifesto

(featured image by Mallori Taylor)

For this piece I edited two free verse poems I wrote two years ago, and wrote two prose poems specifically for the theme of the natural world we ignore, despite its complete necessity for our survival. (click here for the poem & blog post)

Who is this, features Earth personified as a small girl. It alludes to human trafficking, and “third-world,” countries. I want to evoke the image of innocence found in what is natural, but also of how we take advantage of Earth beyond resources. I want to make people acknowledge the Earth has more to offer than what she offers us.

Capture d_écran 2017-04-21 à 21.55.18

All four poems utilize imagery, both hyperbolic and banal, to give a sense of both complexity and simplicity of the exigencies with which they coincide.

Capture d_écran 2017-04-21 à 21.31.31
(click here or on either image for pdf)
Within the last poem, I compare my blood to ink to evoke the image of using it to write. “I’ll tear apart the martyrs and saints,” is religious iconographic allusion meant to challenge authoritative concepts. I would very much consider submitting this to either a natural conservationist magazine or a poetry or prose print, as it isn’t quite an easy read. Formatting these poems was also a labor of love.


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